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  1. I want to be fit but I don’t know how to begin because I’m a little small.
    I’m 1m61 (5,2 ft) for 42,5 kg. I do some jogging un thé morning and I’m eating correctly (tofu, rice, almond milk, ect) but in little portions. My wish is to reach 45 kg without gaining a fat stomach but I don’t Know how to succed

  2. Damn I’m 11 and I weigh 147. My family has VERY LOW metabolism. I often get bullied everyday by cousins, and people that don’t even know me. Damn. It pushed me to a point where I have to change my appearance to not be looked down on. My self confidence is very low but I don’t mind. They can only push to so much, huh? Any other recommendations for videos to work out to? I just wanna lose like 5 pounds. My mom works out all the time and she only loses 8 pounds in two weeks. I try try try to work out, I run across our reserves track and do stairs on the rodeo bleachers. Another video to work out to would be really nice considering I do this alone in my basement on my tv. Thanks for this video 😁

  3. Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept appearing here on many youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my buddy follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. You should not take my word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine.

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