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  1. I'm working out 3 hours after Iftar. I go anywhere from 20-40 mins and dont push myself alot. Some days are hard and some are easy but one thing is for sure, I feel really good after the workout and my body seems to be getting stronger. Thank you for your video.

  2. Hey I wanna know one more thing. Muslims have to do one more thing in RAMADAN that is suhar or sehri in which we eat something before sunrise and then start the fast. So, what should we eat in sehri?

  3. This is not matching at all my schedule. I can't workout after food, as I just go to sleep because we wake up early. I may give it a try next year. What works for me is do more mobility work during ramadan, and get back to a more regular routine after ramadan.

  4. what is you eat good before training your training for heavy weight for 4 hour not eating till next day morning you exercise from 3pm till 7 pm start fasting 3 pm after eating breakfast and dinner and fast from 3 to next mourning for religion purpose ???? thank you i am caring about health only and keep muscle only not growing muscle not loosing weight


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