How to Get Rid of Upper Stomach Fat. Part of the series: Fitness & Training Tips. Getting rid of upper stomach fat requires you to do some really great exercises …



  1. Oh like I thought there was a n excerize for the upper abs. I guess I just have to be active? Well now I'm unsure I'll ever get rid of my trouble zone becuase I can't be as active as I want to be.

  2. Madison
    Help. Hernia and Lupus. Obesity and tired of looking pregnant. 2 pregnancies, kids now 19 and 12 yr olds.
    Leg enemas, nueropathy.
    Emergency hernia surgery was Nov 2018, still pain. It was scanned In Jan 2019, a lot of nerve inflammation, probably still there. I need to see a surgeon again.
    Gastric sleeve 8 yrs old. 86 lbs lost, maintained 37 lb lose. I wish to get rid of this whole mid section.


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