Susan Hendricks has details about an app helping kids shed pounds.



  1. If you want your kid to loose weight put them on a diet have them run a mile a day do 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups a day, easy within in a few months they would have lost a decent amount of weight

  2. Guys weight isnt always fat. It's usually the muscle you gained. Which is what my parents keep on trying to do. I dont wanna get bulky, I wanna get slim! They try to make me run, bike (like more serious way), treadmill and stuff but what I wanna do is just take a walk in the park and bike around town for fun!

  3. Girl I was skinny sis, but then over the school year I gained 30 pounds so… yeah time to change that(homeschool really messes you up man) ya girl is completely healthy but she ain’t tryna gain another 30 pounds ya know what I’m sayin?

  4. I’m 12 and I weigh 200lbs I and extremely overweight and I need to fix it I always try to do a diet but it never works and now that I’m more mature I realized that it could effect my health and my life.Its in my family that we have heart problems and I want to live a nice long life.Someone please help me I have no motivation I’m starting this on 11/25/19


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