So you want to get rid of that lower belly pooch eh? Then do this workout. Beware. It aint easy. ♥ CHECK OUT MY DVD: …



  1. I know this is a old video,but I’m not doing it yet,I’m watching first but I’m so happy,I’ve always hated my body and tried everything.but you are so helpful,cheery,and human,you know how to put this together.if that makes sense

  2. Thank you for this video. Usually I find that when I'm looking for ab videos I only like half the video. You hit the nail on the heat my friend. Thank you. Every exercise is great for ur belly. Now I'm looking for a butt video that addresses the glutes. Thx for making these. They are my exercises to stay in shape
    Money is tight so no gyms. These videos are perfect.

  3. Every time I do this work out. I get to the middle and have super hate for Casey. But when I get to the end I am like ""ok you where right, that felt good."

    I get stronger each day. Thanks Guuuuiiiiiirrrrrlllll. 💜❤💙

  4. Ah I've just rediscovered Blogilates after a long hiatus and I don't remember it hurting this much last time! I took so many breaks! I definitely need to spend more time on the mat again, whoops

  5. omg im not good at working out but this is actually the most effective video i've ever seen. I may not did all the move completely right but I actually could follow through without stopping and I sweat so much! This motivates me alot, i love u cass !!


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