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  1. To all those that DON'T think you can look good in a bikini… 

    Up to 2016 I've worn nothing but bikinis and I'm now 69.  If you keep yourself in good shape most of your life you can.  I've a picture of myself standing next to two 20 something young ladies and I look just as good as them if not  better.  Dont give up on that look.  If you get the right exercise you'll keep in shape.  Right now, I've put on an unhappy amount of weight due to being sedentary because of an injury.  I'm working on getting back into those bikinis again.  Eating properly and sound exercise can keep you there.  I've a little road ahead of me but I'm determined!!!

  2. Exactly brother-not only is this stupid looking guy not 60 but he is like in his 30s with some dam gray hair spray to try and bullshit all of us here. I hate these A holes !!

  3. I'm 58 and don't have belly fat.
    I don't eat much sugar, eat low carb bread, seldom have diet soft drinks or any kind, little processed foods, chips, etc.
    I think the main reason is I generally wear a snug belt. Often people push their stomach out if their pants are a little loose.
    I also live offgrid which requires some exercise.
    Some people just don't genetically have a big stomach. Also, don't gorge at meals.
    I have worn a bikini but only in private.
    One man I knew who was slim like a young man, always had a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey in water everyday.

  4. No. I disagree. Thanks, drop dead gorgeous man, for using a young model, the good-looking older models charge MUCH more. It reminds me to not become despondent, reminds me of what I once was and long to get some of it back!

  5. Boy what a bunch of grumpy, complaining yuck-yucks! Can't you tell that was his kid? You use whoevers available when you trying to make a quick video. Be grateful someone is attempting to help you at all. Take the instruction and stop complaining!

  6. I agree. Epic fail for a few reasons. I don’t think those over sixty are worried about a bikini body anymore. I think heath is more important. So use at least a 50 something person for demo.

  7. I have 2 knee replacement s don't fancy these examples .I do swim and gym couple times a week but still have big belly but looking something safer don't want to slip of ball

  8. What? If you are going to target someone over 60- why is a young person doing the exercises. I am 64 and in pretty good shape but I do not wear a bikini. That ship has sailed. So if this is a video for over 60, show someone over 60 with a belly!

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