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  1. Wow you really taught me what I needed to know. I have lost 80 lbs and want to turn some flab into muscle. So can eat I oatmeal (or whole grain), fruit and protein 30 min before workout? Then protein after? for dinner have my veggies, and more protein?

  2. My girlfriend used to weigh 630 pounds until I got her to have sex with me everyday to help her lose the weight. Then she took up burpees but we had to keep on replacing the floor boards over and over. Eventually I put a lock on the fridge so now she just forages around the back garden looking for food which has got her weight down a lot, and has managed to keep it off.

  3. Fat loss is probably 80 percent diet and 20 exercise… I went from 183 to 163 in a little over a month at 6'1" I didn't look over weight at all… Sure some belly fat but didn't look like I was had 20 lbs to lose but I changed my diet and it melted off me.. I am exercising but diet… Specifically keto and intermittent fasting

  4. Totally true.. And the problem with diet is that u often get vitamine OR/and iron lack.. It is also possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.. All u need to do is working out like a mafakka and eating healthy

  5. Guys you don't have to listen to this. Look up this product called Omni Life. It's different from Herbal Life but I take this thing called Omni Life Coffee. It had Green Tea Abstract and it completely burns belly fat. I've been taking the coffee for 7 months and I've saw results on 3 different scales. I found out I'm now 298 pounds. 7 months ago I was 321. And you don't have to work out as much. The key is to eat light and healthy and the coffee will do the rest.

    Remember it's Omni Life Coffee. It works great.

  6. I have been applying this fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks now and so far I love them! They offer me plenty of strength and reduce my desire for foods, yet I do NOT quit when they wear off which I like, and they also don`t cause me to feel jittery. I have not changed anything else I am doing and also have dropped 7 lbs. .


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