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  1. Been doing this for about 3 months – I don't have a scale but I went from a XL to L shirt size. At first you don't really think you are losing weight but my shirts starting getting looser and looser. My pants size as well – went from a 40 to 38. Currently working on getting to a 36. I usually do this after my 45 minute walk. I also cut down portion size of my meals and starting using water as my go to beverage. I eat my last meal no later than 8 PM, after that if I get hungry I just drink water. If for whatever reason I can't contain it I eat something real small like a granola bar and tough it out. Results are worth it.

  2. One week four times a day, first time my thighs have widened in fitness in my life, I run and use machines at the gym, they have been closed since March, I send this vid to all I love and sing it’s praises…

  3. 30s Squats (w- 10 sec hold @ end)
    30s Jumping Jacks (or Full Body Extension or Burpies)
    30s Squats (w- 10 sec hold @ end)
    30s Pushups
    30s Squats (w- 10 sec hold @ end)
    30s Mt Climber
    30s Squats (w- 10 sec hold @ end)
    30s Full Body Extension (w- 10 sec squat hold @ end)

  4. Dear Craig Valentine
    Here is a little fact about weight loss and fat reduction.
    It is impossible to target belly fat.
    That’s right impossible.
    When you lose weight it comes off your whole body you can not target one specific area.
    So either you are very uniformed when it comes to weight loss or you are just completely full of shit….

  5. March I was 255-260
    As of October I was 218
    Now I’m 210
    Work hard everyone it’s possible🦾
    Not saying I got results through this workout but I’m just trying to give people hope to losing weight


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