My Seven Belly Fat Burning Foods – Visit My New Channel Lose 10 Pounds: Ready to Lose Fat Today?



  1. Hi Michelle,
    yes they can help with losing weight. I would say add them to your eat plan.
    I remember years ago my mom use to go on a grapefruit diet.
    Hope this helps you out,

  2. I worked on gaining 30lbs in a 6 month period. Now that I gained it I'm happy with my weight. The only issue is I would like to lose the belly fat and get my abs back in order. So well this video help me to only lose my belly fat or will I start losing weight all over.

  3. Yes and I also believe grapefruit helps with weight loss, I eat it and it stops my cravings for certain foods and it makes you feel fuller longer, and also what helps me with weight loss and others I've heard from is Chai green tea (hot), and artichokes, bananas, Ginger, and believe it or not dark chocolate, nuts, black beans, egg whites, and others 🙂

  4. Great Video….Just a week in and 10Ib down. I even managed my 24 hour fast as I'm so motivated. It's easy to foIIow and the weight comes off from the get go. So happy I started on this journey and I have no doubt that the ease of the programme wiII aIIow me to continue untiI I reach my goaI weight. Never thought I wouId say this but I wouId recommend anyone who has struggIed with their weight to give this a go!


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