Get that belly back into shape with these tummy toning exercises on



  1. These exercises work! I did a set ofof these and a few crunches 2 days ago and my tummy muscles hurt so much I haven't been able to do another set. I had a baby a year ago and definitely gonna keep doing these. Thanks!

  2. It’s gonna make it harder for you to lose weight and ruin your metabolism too. Avoiding fried stuff is obliging and consuming carbs is evil for not losing weight too. I recommend seeing an herbal blend “mummy magic weight loss tea” it will help you to cut the extra fat down.

  3. Okay so its been 9 years in May since my last child…my 4th….i still have that preg tummy pooch…is it too late to get rid of it? I’m now 43 and i know my body is not the same as it used to be…but am i doomed to look prego forever?

  4. Thank you for the video, I will certainly be trying this 🙂
    But I must say I am so disappointed in all the women in the comment section judging this poor womans physique. I consider this a form of bullying, bitter jealously and also very damaging to yourselves. After all, if you're so judgemental of other people's bodies they must be judging your body as well, right? If we stopped doing this to ourselves, perhaps more women wouldn't have such complex on their appearance.

  5. I dont get it. My stomach isnt fat it looks like im exttemely bloated. How is sit ups supposed to help. It feels like i have an air baby because my bloated stomach is hard not fat

  6. are these good for a mom with abdominal separation??? I feel like trying this! I had my baby a year ago and I have lost weight very very slowly but my mommy tummy seems to not be going anywhere! is so frustrating not for how others might perceive me but for I perceive myself… I love my body because it allowed me the wonder of bringing a beautiful human being to this world but it does not mean that I must accept just what i got left and endure…. I think that if we have the chance to grab what we got and make it even better then we should do it.
    And Im saying this because many people just hide behind the “ love yourself” motto and never really try to improve …. so before anyone comments that kinda of bs, YES I LOVE ME and that is exactly why Im trying to get better in any way possible. ✌️❤️


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