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  1. It is working. After every 5 times a week i hv meaaured a half inch reduction in my stomach size.2 sets done in 2 weeks i m down 1inch.i m on my 3rd week.will update by the end of this week again thank you soo much

  2. I weighed 200 after I had my baby i start to bake or boil my food one then one month i weighed 165 now all i got to do get me a 6 pack then im good no more fire food or sweet only sometimes i can eat that

  3. The “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) diet program has given me personally explanations to assume that I will eventually reduce my abdominal fat. I am a big lady and basically no exercising I have shed 25 lbs. I sleep at night a lot more seriously and do not feel groggy in the morning. This has furnished me a raise of energy and I feel that I am shedding pounds also. .


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